A Question

No matter how much life overtakes us, you can’t ignore it. It’s getting closer to the second scan, and we have to answer the question. do we find out the sex of the baby?

Now we’ve been thinking and thinking, there are pros such as knowing if all the pink clothes in the loft are of any use, and their are cons, such as having everyone know the name before the baby is born*. We genuinely have yet to decide, and we have 11 days. So help us out.


*like we would be able to keep that a secret

5 thoughts on “A Question

  1. ooh I couldn’t possibly vote on something like that but here’s my 2p’s worth from what we did:

    No. 1 baby – didn’t want to find out, wanted the surprise. The surprise was worth it and was an extra motivation to push the baby out!

    No. 2 baby – would have found out if we could have but she had her legs crossed so we couldn’t tell at the scan (she has carried on in that vein and is still pretty awkward now 😉 ).

    No. 3 baby – found out that he was a boy. Named him and yeah, there’s no way you can keep something like that a secret, so not many surprises other than ‘he’s here’.

    Both ways were equally good, because there are pros and cons of both. We had extra reasons for being happy that we knew what gender Josiah was (we lost a baby boy at 18 wks between Abbie and Joe), and his name means ‘God Supports’, which at the time was something I really clung on to as that pregnancy was quite an anxious time for me.

    Anna at 2 was perfectly fine with just knowing it was a baby and then finding out what sort of baby when it was born – but then Anna at 4 and Abbie at 2 both were able to *really* bond with Joe before he was born, we were able to well prepare them (and us) for having a brother, etc.

    I think if I were pregnant again I would find out again, that was my preference – but then I am well known for being terrible at keeping secrets so maybe me and secrets just don’t go together! I think it heightened the excitement of preparing for a baby to know who we were preparing for – but then you could say that the surprise of finding out would do that too!

    So anyway, sorry for blathering on – hope you make a decision that you’re both happy with, anyway (and make sure you post an update in 11 days time!).

  2. You do hear about people who know the sex and don’t tell anyone, but I just can’t imagine us pulling it off. Kevin’s from a long line of People Who Can’t Hold Their Own Water, and I’m not much better. I don’t generally live a secretive life, so keeping secrets doesn’t come naturally to me. But as you say, the element of surprise is reduced to when, and how heavy, if you already know what and who, isn’t it?

  3. Ahh, did I just even the votes both ways? I hope there are more to come!

    I went with no, because I’d quite like the suprise, it was a vote 🙂

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