So, here’s a question

Why do they sell cat food in six-packs? I mean, I understand that six tins of cat food bundle together more conveniently for the plastic-wrapping machine than seven, but really, does anyone have a cat that they don’t feed one day a week? Anyone responsible, I mean.

Once every six weeks, I buy twice as much cat food as usual, making a minor impact on my grocery budget, and a major impact on the weight of my shopping for that week. Because, for some obscure reason, it is cheaper to buy tins of cat food in extra packaging, than to buy the amount that you might reasonably expect to need between now and next week’s shopping trip.

It makes no sense.

1 thought on “So, here’s a question

  1. Packaging tax!

    It’s insane that it’s cheaper for me to buy something with more packaging. taxing things like plastic shrink-wrap (which is an awful thing to recycle) would encourage people to but what they need, which in turn would reduce waste in homes (OK cat food is a bad example for this)

    rant over.

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