The Seconds Scan

After the conclusive results of the vote (it was 5-5 when we went for the scan), We decided not to find out the sex of the new baby.

The scan was a success, we still only have one baby and it has legs and arms and a heart and a head of what we can only surmise is normal* size. We got a semi-trainee ultrsonoundorgipher person. so the poking about lasted a bit longer than you might have wished for, but that meant that I got to see loads more of the baby.

The worst person to be for an ultrasound is the pregnant one, you have to lie on the bed while they look at (but not show you) your baby, usually not saying very much until they are sure it’s OK. they only show the pictures to you at the end. Being the dad however is one of the best people to be, you get to see all the pictures, and as I said last time with Daisy, The moving images are much better than the pictures they give you.

for the benefit of all the people who weren’t in the room, her are the scan pictures of the baby.

The Second Scan Picture

as you can see, he/she is quite clearly blowing bubbles. I’ve warned Daisy this one is being cute right from the start, she is going to have to watch out.

*Normal is of course all relative, It has been said that my side of the family all have very large heads.

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