Taxing is taxing

Yesterday, Daisy and I visited no fewer than five Post Offices, trying to guess which ones might be equipped to give me a tax disc.

After last year’s debacle, I was fairly keen to get it sorted out, but for some reason, our local Post Office, which does issue tax discs, was closed when we got there. The shop was open, but the Post Office bit at the back wasn’t. There was a small sign up saying it was due to unforeseen circumstances. I blamed Kevin, but he wasn’t that keen to take responsibility for other people’s unforeseen circumstances, for some reason.

So, having dragged Daisy all the way up there, notwithstanding her blatant unwellness (she’s had an unexplained high temperature for a couple of days, with accompanying tiredness and whinginess – she’s much better now than she was a few days ago, though), I was reduced to muttering about how it should be against the law to close a Post Office on the 27th of the month, and stomping home again.

We weren’t about to attempt another potentially fruitless walk, so after lunch we got in the car, and I tried to rack my brains to think of where the other local Post Offices might be. You know how it is, you use the one you use.

I knew there was one on Allerton Road, which is very close, so I drove up there, found an on-street parking space right outside, and got Daisy out of her car seat and onto her wrist-strap to go in. Big sign on the counter “No Car Tax”. No indication of where I could get the car taxed, and a long queue to stand in if I wanted to ask, so we got back in the car.

More brain racking.

That row of shops on Woolton Road, by the Halfway House, looks like the sort of place to have a Post Office. Let’s go look. Well, plausible it might have been, but there was no Post Office up there, so I thought some more, and decided that Aigburth Road might be my best bet. I drove around the park to the Lark Lane row of shops, and there was, indeed, a Post Office. I parked up a side street, got Daisy out of the car, put the wrist-strap on her, walked to the Post Office, and was met with another sign – again, it was inside, at the back, and again it said “No Car Tax”.

I was starting to get cross by this time.

I got back in the car, and headed back along Aigburth Road. I stumbled across another Post Office at Aigburth Vale (I’d never noticed it before, partly because it’s in the direction we never go in – if we were going that way, we wouldn’t pass through Aigburth Vale in the first place). I parked outside (at least I’ve had a fairly lucky day for parking spaces), went in, no sign. Hurrah. Also no queue, so I went up to the counter, had to repeat the phrase “tax my car” about four times before the woman appeared to understand what I wanted, and was told they didn’t do it.

Only the main Post Offices, apparently (though I don’t really understand the definition, since ours does it, and it’s as tiny as any of the others). Try Park Road or Garston.

I was facing Garston, so we went there.

I am never using another Post Office again. It was big and spacious, it had five counters, and when I was moaning at the woman behind the counter, she said that my local office is forever closing for no apparent reason, and I should use them first as last, for the future. I’m inclined to agree with her. “We never close,” she said, and whilst she didn’t quite mean that, I’m inclined to believe that they’re generally open when they’re supposed to be.

Five Post Offices in one day. It should have been a ten minute job, and it took us all day.

Am I the only person who has these problems?

5 thoughts on “Taxing is taxing

  1. Well, since you must know, I tried to do it online, the day the letter came. That was when I discovered you can’t do it when you get the reminder, you have to wait till the somethingth of the month (fourteenth? seventeenth? I forget, I just know it was still a week away).

    As a result, the letter went onto a pile on my desk, and was forgotten about until about the 23rd, by which time I didn’t trust them to send the disc out in time, so I decided to do it the old fashioned way. After all, it’s no business of the DVLA how easily I can access the internet, is it?

  2. It doesn’t matter if you have the disc in time as long as THE COMPUTER knows you’d paid, the discs are a waste of time, money and trees… Cx

  3. Yeah… I kind of know that in theory, but after last year’s debacle, I didn’t fancy the risk of some random policeperson getting officious with me…

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