Someone just drove into the wing mirror on the car, and to make matters worse they live in the street and have confessed to doing it. We live in a quite a narrow street so wing mirror clipping is a risk we all run everyday.

Generally the people in the street are very adept at driving in a space not much wider than your car and not touching the sides, but every now and again it goes wrong. Most of the time, it just means the wing mirror gets knocked, you come to your car in the morning and it’s pointing the wrong way or it totally folded in.

This time we (and our neighbour) where unlucky, if you clout it with enough speed you break the glass, and in this case split the actual casing, which makes it really expensive. I was actually sitting in the front room recovering from the trauma that is a visit to my mothers when we heard the noise, and given the street was actually quite empty you could tell it was our car that was hit.

I went out to find the glass on the floor (only cracked a little bit actually) the mirror casing cracked along the bottom, and the car that had just been driven down the street parked up about 10 houses down. Now this gives for awkward situation number one. Do you stomp off down the street and be all frumpy?

Well as it transpires I wimped out and went back in the house, about five minutes later I did go back out, just to re-examine the mirror and the man came out his house and down the street to own up and apologise. He’s offered to pay for it, which is good, but now I have to go off and get the work done, and I’m not sure he realises that it could cost around ?150*, which makes me feel quite bad.

As Ruth points out, It’s money we don’t have and our mirror wasn’t broken before, but it feels a bit grim to have someone honestly come and tell you something they could have just hidden away from, and then present them with a whopping bill for what looks like a trivial thing. Still the car was going into the dealer next week anyway for a glow-plug thingy, so we will just have to see what they say. I just don’t like upsetting people, especially the ones who know where I live.

*I know it’s going to be loads because I broke the Rovers Mirror once, it was ?65 for the mirror and ?80 for labour, because that was a stupid amount of money, I bought the mirror and our friend Mal helped me replace the mirror, it took hours, and to be honest I was rubbish at it. the fact that i call our current issue a ‘glow-plug thingy’ should tell you all you kneed to know