Things I have learned today

  • My 14-year-old Nintendo Gameboy still works – and it was fairly sorely abused for some years after I got it, though admittedly it has spent the latter part of its life in a drawer in my desk.
  • There is some kind of synaptic muscle-memory thing going on with Tetris – my first game didn’t go so well, but my second one was rewarded with the space rocket that you get for exceeding 100,000 points.? It’s just like riding a bicycle, it turns out…
  • Other people don’t have such a sophisticated set of Gameboy-related rules as I do.? I must have lived in that sort of family: 1) the music should be switched off, because the music is intensely annoying to everyone else in the room, but? 2) it should be switched off from within the game, not by turning the volume down, because other people need to know when you’ve died – otherwise you’re quite likely to sneak another game in when it’s not your turn any more…? Kevin has had to be educated into these rules, for the peace of the household.

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