The world is in danger

My mum has access to the internet. Not that she knows what to do, how to use a computer or ‘leave the webpage’.

A few weeks ago, she bought a laptop, and much to my shame has windows vista before me. The last few weeks have been getting sky broadband sorted out, and at the weekend, the internet arrived.

Ruth being a much much better trainer than me, took on the unenviable role of training the mother-in-law, and gave her a crash course in internet 101, and how to search google. all set up with big internet and email buttons in the middle of the screen (I can’t honestly think what else they will use it for) we left her to it.

“I don’t know why I’ve got email, I’ll never get any”

Those where the words, so of course when I got home I fired off a wonderful email with about 5 pictures of Daisy, what is better than your first email being pictures of one your granddaughters? well it turns out nothing is as good, I know this because my mum has just phoned to tell us that she got the email.

Training next week, “email and the reply button” 🙂