The Jump family holiday

So we’re back off our holidays. We’ve actually been back since Saturday, it’s just taken us until Wednesday to recover really. Once again we travelled down to the lovely Isle of Wight, and enjoyed a really nice holiday.

It’s always the way, your perfectly healthy in work and the minute you start a holiday you come down with a sore throat or runny nose. except usually it isn’t the exact minute you stop work; well this time for me it was, by the time I had gotten of the train home on the Friday I had a sore throat, and for the first few days I was on strepsils and lockets. Of course I refused to acknowledge a cold, after all “I’m on holiday” was my admittedly throaty cry.

For the first few days, I ran Daisy and Ruth ragged. We live life at quite different paces really so my idea of relaxing involved three different things a day, while Ruth’s normal routine, runs at about one. But we survived, mainly by Ruth watching while Daisy and I built Sandcastles of different beaches and ran around empty children’s play areas (going pre-half term is the way to holiday).

the weather was great and we had sun for most of the week, It rained on the Friday before we came home, but in reality we probably needed that to stop me from driving everybody else crazy.

Some Holiday things’

  • Daisy loves boats, she thought the ferry was fantastic – it was a big fat boat with our car on.
  • In Car DVD players rock – we borrowed my sisters for the journey, and even though I now know more Balamory stories off by hart it’s the best way to travel with a toddler.
  • when you have children always remember to take a bucket and spade for the daddy too – I know it’s silly but it makes life much easier on the beach, and it will remove the temptation of the two year old to knock down the thirty year-old’s sandcastles.