Decorating – daisy’s new bedroom,

With the new baby approaching at an alarming rate, We’ve started to make some changes around the house, the biggest of which is a new bedroom for Daisy.

We want to make the change a bit before the baby is born, so that Daisy doesn’t associate getting chucked out of her room with it, So last weekend we took our other small room, and in a total departure from the norm for us, stripped it, prepared it, glossed it (with two coats of undercoat and one gloss!) and then wallpapered it, all in just four days! of-course other things have taken up the rest of the week (like work, and a very awake child at night) so it’s not finished, but Daisy has chosen the paint and it’s sitting there waiting.

When it’s finished Daisy is going to have a ‘big’ bed, some new furniture that we’re going to get using Laura Ashley voucher codes.

Being two and a half, and very inquisitive, she does of-course know what’s going on, and she spent most of the weekend asking me if had finished her room yet, only to be told that I had lots more to do.