why my posts have diminished?

No doubt if you’ve looked at this blog before, or indeed you just look at the numbers at the side, you will have noticed that the number of posts has dropped dramatically over the last few months, a good thing for the world no doubt, but I thought I would yet again try and explain why.

The short answer is, i got a new job and it’s management.

It’s not that i’ve become some pompous full of myself to important to type random stuff on the Internet type of person, it’s just that the things going round in my head have become far to personal to other people for me to be spouting them to every person who searches the Internet for soducku. To be honest would to put some of the things in my head down on paper, It might help get them out of my head at 5:30 on a Saturday morning, but here is I don’t think the place.

My job has turned much more towards people and away from day to day code churning, which is something i am really really enjoying, it just means that my head is now full of people not code, and it turns out when my head was full of code it had a bit more space for random junk.

I was just thinking how what is in my head now, is probably a lot more interesting that most of what i post here and indeed I imagine that i would find it fascinating to look back at the last few months in a year of so’s time when I’ve become much more settled and actually know what i am doing half the time, maybe i need to start writing stuff down, off the Internet! such a radical idea i know, but as Ruth says. I’m always thinking outside the Envelope.

So in summary for those people who actually come here to read what i think, sorry – i will try and remember to blog the things i can – It’s just that, that’s not as much as it use to be.

oh and i still am not happy with the site design – and i think it puts me off.