Crouching Kevin, flying spade

You know it’s a silly idea when you do it, but hanging the spade on those two nails high up on the roof beam in the out-house is just the best place to store it. that is of course until you are messing about trying to fit the ladder against the wall, knock the spade of the nails and get a one inch gash in your head for your troubles.

I think i was quite luck today, one with the way the spade fell, and the other with the fact that we are rubbish at looking after stuff, so it wasn’t a very sharp spade. I have spent the afternoon, telling Ruth she had to make sure I am adequately insured, because I am stupid – hanging potential decapitation device from ceiling joists – and climbing on chairs to change light bulbs.

Either I am going to do myself permient damge one of these days or I am going to be a contender for the Darwin awards. Still I could be famous and then my stupid demise would be one the front of every paper.

2 thoughts on “Crouching Kevin, flying spade

  1. Whereas I have spent the day looking worried, and saying “Are you sure you don’t have a headache? Blurred vision? Nausea? Are you ABSOLUTELY SURE that that hole is in your skin, not your skull?”

    Still, he SEEMS okay.

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