OK it’s got a banner now

I don’t know, you make one little change..

The fact is I didn’t like the old design. I don’t know why, it just grated on me, and I needed to change it – it was like a mental block stopping me from doing anything else with the site, but everyone was right. The images are a bit of a USP (unique selling point) of the site. It’s really just another faddy icony fonty website with out the picture across the top. So I’ve put one back. Somewhere in a dark corner of my hard drive is the code to change it depending on what you are reading – maybe I will put that on one day too (see writing code in my spare time – this management lark has gotten to me).

The redesigned site.Ruth also doesn’t like that it’s now really just a blog as opposed to a site – I see her point, but the blog is really all we update. Yes, there’s the family tree, and again the library of our books once existed, but when it was a site (with a blog hidden away) almost everyone went for the blog – so I thought, give people what they want.

I think this is an improvement on the last site. There is more space for words, and our piccies are down the side. It doesn’t look very nice in IE6 – but I’m not in work now so I don’t care (it’s like a rebellious streak many web developers have, make them conform all day and they refuse, given their own space).

For those people who are thinking this doesn’t look like other people say it looks – Shift before you press the refresh button (another windows only tip there 🙂 ) and it should look like the picture on the left.