If you want a Unique outlook on life…

Mrs OddbodyGive your two year old your camera. Yes it’s scary at first, but once they’ve gotten the hang of it your biggest problem is going to be getting them to let go.

We’ve just had daisy running around the house taking photos of everything she came near, the result’s are rather fantastic and can be viewed on our piccies pages. She basically walked around the house and took pictures of everything that is part of her life, so there is mummy and daddy, baby and rather embarrassingly the TV.

My favourite picture however is that of Mrs Odd-body who is the mum from Daisy’s doll house. It’s a really good picture (if you crop the finger shadow from the left-hand side).

So now, I’ve spent the night looking on eBay for a cheap digital camera, where the lens isn’t off to one side where she will get her fingers over it. You can get a children’s camera from places like the early learning centre but to be honest they are ?60, and on ebay I’m looking at less than a tenner for a half decent thing with a button on the top.