I broke my eBay virginity.

After many attempts, I finally managed to buy something on eBay, and not get ripped off*

Fuji Q1 - Small and the lens is in the middleI’ve been trying to get Daisy a camera all weekend, but I kept getting outbid in the last 2 minutes, mainly by people who seemed willing to pay way over the odds for really quite old cameras. they where paying up-to ?30 for two / three year old cameras that only cost around ?60 new, if it was in a shop new, but they had lost the box, you would expect to pay no more than ?40, then if it was second hand and two years old? you wouldn’t pay more than ?20, would you?

So I changed my tatics, and instead of looking at what was about to expire, I looked at what was just put on, hoping that someone would do buy now, or something at a realistic price; and they did, so I just got a camera that went for ?24 yesterday for ?13 today.

*of course it could be broken, not a camera, made of cheese or anything like that, we wait and see.