Not only is it considered normal, for a child to have an imaginary friend, it also shows signs of creativity and a full and lively imagination.

Not that our Daisy is normal of course – oh no that would be to easy. Daisy doesn’t have an imaginary friend, she has an imaginary daughter, called darling (often referred to as my darling). “I’m just getting my darling”, “my darling is on the trampoline”, “my darling is on the washing line”, “my darling is sad”. “I’m coming my darling”, “here i am darling”, and we’ve had discussions about darling and how daisy is her mummy.

Ruth sees this as a great sign of her parenting skills that daughter is interchangeable with darling, which it probably is. I don’t know If darling will last much past the next few weeks when baby number two arrives. I’m sure she will for a bit, but when Daisy’s got a real baby to play with…