Today doesn’t look good

Daisy fell out of bed for the first time ever today. which is good going since she’s been sleeping without sides for ages now, and she’s been in her big bed for well over a month.

Anyway, that happened at around 2:30, which woke both me and Ruth up, at around 3:15 we had hot milk, my head is full of work and Ruth’s songs (I didn’t ask. I don’t want it in my head). Ruth has gone back to sleep, but it’s now 4:30 and I am wide awake and my head is full of work – I have all sorts to do what with having at least two jobs at the moment.

Daisy will (based on current form) stroll into our bedroom at around 5:45 at which point we put her back in her bed (anything before 6am is nighttime no matter how light it is). then she gets up again at about 6:15 – and my day starts. except my day started about 2 hours ago