A bit twingey

My (renegotiated) due date isn’t until two weeks tomorrow, but I was awake for two hours last night, with some quite promising twinges. In some ways, they were more convincing than the Braxton Hicks contractions I’ve been having during the last week, because they weren’t as strong, or hence as painful – I remember labour as starting rather more gently than that, last time, and building up.

So, every ten to fifteen minutes for two hours, accompanied by a surge of adrenylin (which probably had more to do with keeping me awake than the actual sensations did), at which point I fell asleep again, so I’ve no idea if it stopped or not. Not much sign of anything, now, though.

On the one hand, today would be a bit of a shame – if I can hold off until tomorrow at the earliest, I get my home birth. Today I am only 37+6, which is deemed Too Soon, apparently. It surprised me how little I cared about that at 1am, though – mostly I was rather excited.

Kevin thanked me, this morning, for not waking him – knowing perfectly well that he would have been wild with excitement, and would never have gone back to sleep. Believe me, it wasn’t for lack of trying, but he wasn’t being very responsive, so I gave up.

I’ve sent him to work, but it remains to be seen whether he gets to stay all day. Part of me suspects not.