Still waiting…

It’s all gone a bit strange, frankly. There was a point, at about 6am today, where I had a couple of pains that made me think “Now, this is more like a contraction – maybe we’re finally getting somewhere?”, only to have it all peter out again a few hours later. And that’s what it’s been like for a day and a half now. Mild contractions, that seem quite regular for a while, then drift off.

And when they drift off, I’m left wondering whether they’re still happening, they’re just too mild for me to really notice (seriously, it’s that vague), or whether it’s all stopped altogether. And I just don’t know.

In my enthusiasm first thing, I told both Kevin and my Mum not to go to work, but then have spent most of the morning feeling like I kept them home under false pretenses. I do hope something conclusive happens soon.