all stop starty

We’re still in a stop starty place with this pregnancy, Most of yesterday was punctuated with Ruth having small twinges at regular intervals followed by nothing. there was even a point last night we’re we considered sending me back to work!

last night at around 2am, we got the tens machine out, which was an indication of the strength of things, when Ruth got up in the morning she said they where close together and we were getting close to sending for a midwife, except it all stopped again.

One of the current theories is that it’s Daisy. Ruth’s mum has just taken her away for the day, and the’re back. still not that strong, we haven’t turns the tens machine up from it’s base level, but still there is hope. If it is some strange psychosomatic daisy related thing, we have 8 hours, she’s coming home for tea.

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  1. Egad man. Have you not heard of the wondrous power of curry? And trust me, really, you don’t want to come back to work. Fingers, toes and paws all crossed here for you both matey.

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