Bedtime fallout

I don’t think we should neglect what our Daisy is doing in all of this new baby talk. Tonight she appeared to have a falling out with Samantha, THE pink bunny rabbit of choice, and the only toy we truly fear losing.

After a bit of a roundabout putting to bed, (baby wants to sleep in the trolley, the trolley has to be in my bedroom). Daisy finally climbed into bed and i shut the door. About two minutes later we heard her door open.. when i got into the hall the door was shut but Samantha was lying there in the hall.

so I shouted through the door “Daisy? go back to bed”

“I’m just putting Samantha to bed on the floor”

“but samantha sleeps in your bed”

“she wanted to sleep out in the hall on the floor”

Not something I was to keen on this toys sleeping anywhere and everywhere, so I opened the door and put her back in bed.

“the toys sleep in your bed Daisy”

“she wants to sleep on the floor”

anyway she’s in the bed now, and it’s all gone quite. bonkers my daughter – and i haven’t even told you about the zoo at the end of her bed….