A friend of mine has drawn me into Facebook.? It seems to me to be a very dangerous and slippery path, for someone with a predisposition towards wasting a great deal of time on not very much.? And I have always been such a person, which this friend, frankly, knows perfectly well…

8 thoughts on “Facebook

  1. It’s probibly because I’ve got no friends. or that I surround myself with people less nerdy than me – But facebook makes me very sad. . It’s just like that Answer phone we use to have.

    “you have no messages”

    we turned it off in the end, it made us sad.

  2. That’s not why we turned it off. We turned it off because we didn’t like it when we DID have messages, and felt all this pressure to ring people back. We don’t like ringing people. It makes us agitated.

    “You have no messages” was the preferred situation…

  3. sadly I have no idea what Facebook is- probably because I’m not a nerd! -or possibly because I am a technophobe

  4. so have you found the ‘I grew up with Psalty the Singing Songbook’ group yet? Or (today’s discovery) the ‘Haffertee Hamster appreciation group’? (assuming that if you grew up on Psalty you probably read Haffertee too?!).

    I think it’s good to waste time on these things while waiting for labour 😉 Off to look for you now!

  5. Ah… Haffertee… I made up a tune for that song, you know. The “Not just a baby, not just a schoolboy” song. I could still sing it, if required…

    Sorry I rejected your Facebook request – I got it before I read this, and couldn’t imagine who on earth you might be…

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