Swiming Pool – Can I go tommorow?

It’s OK. We did sit out side for a bit after being mislead by the council website (someone should sort that out), but after a quick drive around South Liverpool to distract us from the fact that the Pool was shut, we got to go swimming.

It has been a shamefully long time since we took Daisy the swimming baths, mainly because she hated it, Not so much the water then but the changing rooms. For quite a while she’s had a thing about echoy rooms with no natural daylight. and when she was little it use to freak her out so much that we really didn’t like to expose her to that.

This time was much better, Daisy was widely excited when I suggested swimming this morning, so much so that I’ve never known her to get dresses so fast, and that’s why we where out the door by 7:30. All the way there I got tales of how we would go down the red slide, and how she saw the swimming pool with Granddad. I’ve got no real evidence to back it all up – and to be honest until we got there and the slide was indeed red. I thought she was making it all up.

Given Daisy’s confidence in water has increased quite a bit since the last time we went (paddling pools and standing up in the bath!), she was no trouble, and just bounded in to the pool, heading right for the slide of course. we went up and down the slide about 20 times, before we then decided to explore the rest of the [little] pool – bouncing is fun, as is jumping in off the side, although we are still a bit freaked out by the water jets in the floor.

As always getting out was a bit traumatic, but master stroke from Ruth, we took bananas and if Daisy has a weak spot it’s food.

All in all a great trip to the baths (once it opened). Daisy want to go tommorow, I told her I couldn’t take her because I’m going to work, so she said she would go on her own.