The Reading List

The things I Read/Watched over the weekend. Just so we all have the same cultural reference points for when i go off on one about campsites or the cost of bookshop advertising.

The bookseller | Review | Guardian Unlimited Books
Waterstones charging for Christmas placement in it’s stores

Kevin Rushby prescribes his family a dose of Slovenian farm therapy | Travel | The Guardian

Holidays on farms in Slovenia

A Campsite - quite a cool one apparentlyBlackberry Wood may be the coolest campsite in England | Travel | The Guardian
Camping in your own clearing, maybe just maybe one day. a far cry from Glastonbury

The accidental manager | Work | Guardian Unlimited Money

The Peter principle still holds true. and what to do about it.

BBC – Coast – Cardiff to St Davids

BBC – BBC Four Listings – How to Be an Ex Prime Minister
Cheap TV, but some interesting insights into the shock that is leaving the job in a day.

BBC – Arts – Summer Exhibition

Art, It’s the background stories I like, and the architecture (although it’s always a bit abstract)

BBC – How We Built Britain – Britain in Pictures

Some people who can take photos but not use digital cameras. It always strikes me how unimaginative they are. today at least one of them tried something new the Asda shots where good.