Drawing Daisy

Daddy by DaisyDaisy definitely takes after us, she has obsessive phases where she will just do one thing over and over and want to do it everyday (this morning she wanted the swimming baths again.).

One of Daisy’s current obsessions is drawing – she loves drawing, and has started to get the idea that she can draw anything. Tonight she came in – and when I asked her to tell me about her day, she jumped up the morning room table and said “can i draw about my day?”

Developmentally this is all fab, she’s gone from drawing squiggles and just coloring in the whole page to drawing lines and colouring in things (she’s been doing the latter for a while now). Tonight I got a drawing of daddy with two dots, a mouth, two arms and two legs. We think bodies are still a way off. but they will no doubt be there soon. she also drew some circles and sausages, but you don’t want to see them 🙂