New Phone

Kevin?s new phoneOK after just over three years after joining in the mobile phone revolution. I’ve gone and replaced my phone. You see I said it was all a vicious treadmill of marketing, and once you stepped on…

My new phone is another Nokia, and cost a mega ?23.70 from Asda, It has a load of nifty features like, ringing people and being able to talk to them, and it makes a noise when someone wants to talk to you. and you can type in little messages and send them to other peoples phones, and it can tell you the time, and how many feet are in a meter, and how long it took you to press a button and then press it again, and it lights up and the screen can be red, or purple or green (the thing I’ve spent most of the day doing).

It has the capability for fancy ring tones but in what must be a collaboration between the phone maker and the mobile ring tone people all the ones it comes with are naff.

maybe I will look for one without a frog in it….