Kevin – the common denominator

Many years ago, when Kevin lived at his mum’s, an IRA bomb-making factory was raided, two streets away from their house. It was obviously very exciting at the time, because I’ve had the place pointed out to me on several occasions, and I suspect we’re going back about fifteen years or so.

Well, today, the police raided a house two streets away from us as part of the terror plot investigation of the week. No idea if bomb-making was involved, or if the local involvement was less hands on than that, but Penny Lane is littered with news vans (recognisable by their massive satellite dishes, if not by their livery), and it’s all terribly exciting.

Kevin, however, is not someone you want to live two streets away from – not unless you’re happy to live next door to a terrorist, and certainly not if you are a terrorist, unless you don’t mind being raided…