Still more on baby kit

Nature?s Nest, baby hammock thingRemember this?

I ordered one!

We have no money. I struck a deal with my rather sceptical (if admittedly sensible) husband, that if I could scrape the money together from non-standard sources, I could have one, but not otherwise. And up to Saturday, I’d squirrelled away £15 in cash from my baby shower, and £6 in coppers when I raided Kevin’s slummy jar. £21 down, £128 to go.

Then, on Saturday, my mother-in-law called in, brandishing a gift of no less than £120 “for the baby”. Out of nowhere. Kevin grinned, and said “Oh, I know exactly what this is going on…”, and since I’ve been let off the remaining £8, it’s ordered. 😀

I just feel really blessed. I had this gut feeling, all along, that the money would turn up from somewhere, I just had no idea where from. I even looked into how much freelance web development I’d have to do to earn it, but there’s not much market for freelancers who only want to earn £150 every now and then. You’ve to either contract properly, or work for chicken-feed in the “I’ll give you £25 if you write me an entire store-front application” crowd.

So, whilst I’ve done quite a lot of shouting at God, recently, about the iniquities of false labour, of losing my home birth, and of still being here at all, frankly, it seems only fair to point out that He does, in fact, provide, even when it’s things you don’t technically need, and maybe, just maybe, I should revert to my earlier belief that He knows what he’s doing, and hasn’t forgotten about me.

Sorry, Lord. Bit embarrassed about that.