I hate feeling like I’m in the way

I’ve always hated that.? In any given situation, I want to find a place to be where I’m not bothering anyone, so I can stay there.? You know when you’re hovering in someone else’s kitchen, chatting while they do stuff, but every place you stand turns out to be in front of the cupboard they’re about to need?? I loathe that.? I gave up the annual Carol Sing at Tesco’s with my church, because I was the only person who thought it was better to freeze outside, than get in people’s way inside.? Carollers are nice the Sunday before Christmas, but getting in, shopped, and out is better, in most people’s estimation.

The problem I have at the moment, is that I feel like I’m in everyone’s way.? The whole world, every single blinking person I know, have ever known, is waiting for me to produce a baby, and I appear to be incapable.? They’re all waiting for me, and I feel under a huge amount of pressure, which is ridiculous, because there’s not a blessed thing I can do about it.? Believe me, if it were my own choice, it would have been here three weeks ago.

Today, for variety, I’ve had tummy ache.? Well, lower abdominal tummy ache.? I think I got a touch constipated, yesterday, and this morning I woke up with my lower intestines complaining bitterly.? It’s possible that lower abdominal pain that is quite clearly something else is almost as frustrating as lower abdominal pain that feels like labour but turns out not to be.? If I’m going to have pain, I’d like it to have some kind of purpose, thanks very much.

1 thought on “I hate feeling like I’m in the way

  1. At least you know you (or the baby) are not average or it would have arrived by now if the statistics are true about 2nd babies arriving earlier. Not even the most emminent scientists yet know what it is that sets labour in motion – although I suspect if men had babies you would be able to purchase the mystery ingredient in Boots. All mine had to be induced as you know, and I was sick of people telling me I was making the baby too comfortable! I must say you’ve brought back lots of memories about the waiting and how awful it is,- and another of those stupid things people say to pregnant women “you’ll forget all about it as soon as it’s here”. Don’t feel under pressure because as you rightly say you have no control over things, and people, especially women people who have been there, should be more sympathetic! I’m sure they probably are really, whilst secretly being glad it’s not them doing the waiting! Fingers crossed for it being soon, love Sheila x

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