Hello Henry

Henry around an hour oldWell finally It’s all happened. Only 9 days passed what we thought was the due date (around 13 if you take what the hospital wanted to call due). Henry Robert Jump was born today at 3:45am. weighing 10lbs 13, which is a tad large for a baby.

Ruth is currently recovering, and when I left the hospital so was Henry, although Just like when he was inside, he hasn’t stopped wriggling.

Daisy Said they are going to be friends. although for until what age that remains true we shall have to see.

6 thoughts on “Hello Henry

  1. Well done! He looks great and was a welcome diversion from work. Proper use of ICT!

  2. he is adorable! congratulations! well daisy was right about it being a boy. he is gorgeous =)

  3. Welcome to the family Henry! Congratulations to you all – look forward to seeing you all soon and meeting Henry! xxxx

  4. Congratulations guys. Henry looks great! Hope Ruth is recuperating well. Give our love to Daisy, she was right about getting a baby brother. Hope to see you soon.

  5. What a whopper! Well Done Ruth and Congratulations to you all. We look forward to meeting Henry soon!x

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