More Henry,

Henry and Ruth are still in hospital, I’ve rather selfishly just slept in, and am going to go in soon. today we start the process of trying to persuade the hospital to let them home.

Ruth is due a blood test this morning, to check she didn’t loose to much and to check she isn’t about to loose some more. I’m a bit worried because all they gave her yesterday were a few butties, and that will almost certainly effect any tests.

and of course we took a few more piccies*.


*for Emliy who as a second child I know is concerned about fairness. Henry has 45 photos on day one compared to Daisy’s 18

3 thoughts on “More Henry,

  1. WOW… That’s big… Oh – CONGRATULATIONS!!! Lot’s of love to you all.

    We’ll need to talk about how on earth you get one out that’s that big! The hospital is politely trying to warn me already that I’m headed for a 10 pounder! But hey – it can be done!

  2. oh im glad 2 hear ur being fair =) at least some of us second children r loved *wipes tear from face* lol

  3. how is that fair? poor daisy! haha only kidding. conrats and hope henry finds sleeping as enjoyable as dasiy did
    hope to see you all soon x x x x

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