Henry is Home

Despite all my reservations about the women’s, we managed to get Ruth and Henry home quite quickly yesterday, and Henry has now met the manic side of the family (that would be my side!) and has slept his first night in the baby hammock, Which he loves, some displayed by how he was only awake once in the night (might be something to do with the manic day!).

He is a noisy sleeper though, at around 10:30 last night I had whimpering Henry and Snoring Ruth. Daisy and the Cats where more trouble in the night. Daisy because she thinks breakfast time is 5:45 and the cats because well they are Evil*.

As I lay inbed thinking of the best punishment for them waking me up at 4am, I considered taking them away, loosing them on a long trip, or just blocking up the cat flap, but after all that I decided the next 5 years in our house with Daisy and Henry should be punishment enough.

*as is proof of their evil was needed, digital cameras can’t focus on them hence we have no pictures of Tim.

1 thought on “Henry is Home

  1. Congratulations – He’s ENORMOUS!

    Speaking as a younger sibling with two older sisters, I’d watch out Henry. She’ll do all the talking for you, boss you about, steal your toys and swing in your baby hammock (?120…!?!) These parents (who aren’t younger siblings) have no idea nad just don’t understand us…

    Well done Ruth… good luck Kevin


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