Happy (but very tired) Families

All of a sudden a good night has 4 1/2 hours sleep in it, getting to lunch time without collapsing on the sofa is unusall, and waiting to go to bed when it’s actually dark? don’t be silly.

Daisy and HenryBoth Henry and Ruth are currently asleep, I’ve just had to look through the Cbeebies schedule to see that I got and Hour and a Half from Big Cook Little Cook to Muffin the Mule, all be it with a two year old jumping on me every ten minutes.At the moment, I’m probably over compensating with Daisy, we have spent a lot of time together, probably a good thing – we don’t want her going off the rails like in one of those children’s TV programs, It makes me feel a little guilty about the amount of time I’ve spent with Henry, but I think it’s probably good for him in the long term if his big sister doesn’t resent him too much, and at the moment there has been a steady stream of people wanting to pay him attention (although Daisy is doing well out of them too)For now Daisy Loves him, you can see her starting to question just how much he cries, but the kisses keep coming, and yesterday she changed his nappy.

“It’s only a pretend nappy, we can use Darling’s” (Darling is Daisy’s imaginary friend)

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