Henry is eating and sleeping

Daisy has noticed the pattern! “Henry, eats and sleeps and eats and sleeps..”

The feeding has improved dramatically – Henry’s last two feeds have been good ‘normal’ feeds and he slept from around 8:30 last night to 6:00 this morning, with a short break while we got him ready for bed. He even slept through Daisy falling out of bed and hurting her arm.

He’s back off now, and the entire house feels a lot better for a good nights sleep (albeit with the falling out of bed at 3).

The plan of action for today is to get Daisy to a playground and let her burn off some energy, We’ve had so many visitors over the last week, that she has got a bit hyper and had the eyes of a caged beast at bed time yesterday. Ruth is going to the mum’s coffee morning at a friends house with Henry, where they can talk about nipples and poo and probiby which of the Cbeebies presenters is the cutest*

*sorry I know it’s a terrible stereotype, and half the time I’m in on those conversations (except for the cutest presenter), but i couldn’t resist.

As an aside : you know you’ve watched to much cbeebies when…. you read the message forums on the website ?

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  1. My personal favourite is Chris from Doodle Do – especially when he’s all dressed in leather, and doing his Elvis impersonation…

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