how much!

So, if a letter is slightly big now and some one puts the wrong stamp on it, by a few pence, then i get charged a pound to go pick it up?

1 pound !

Ruth thinks we should go to the office of fair trading over unfair charges.

5 thoughts on “how much!

  1. you have to decide how much you really want the letter – my admin assistant rings people up and tells them if we’ve had to pay to receive their letter! She just wants to help them not to do it to anyone else – a bit like (great)grandmum really!

    MUM X

  2. How do I decide whether or not I want it? I don’t get to find out what it is or who it’s from, until I’ve already paid for it! If it turns out to be advertising junk from the bank, I’ll have wasted ?1.06!

    Has anyone reading this sent us something that was likely to be 6p short on postage?

  3. Well, I paid the extra pound, and we picked up the letter on the way home from Musical Minis, this morning. Sadly, it was a Congratulations card from the people at Musical Minis. And it appears to have been charged at the higher rate for being unreasonably square.

    Tsk. The postal worker who was at the counter described it as “the penny-pinching Post Office” and said I should complain…

  4. Well I’ve been looking at the Royal Mail pricing and what I can’t work out is how it was 6p short. the cheap price is 34p and the next one up is 48p that’s a difference of 14p so where did the 6 come from?

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