The boy wonder

I didn’t think of Daisy as a particularly difficult baby. I mean, she had her moments, but I tended to assume that all babies are difficult, up to a point, and she wasn’t unusually so. Henry is ridiculously easy, though.

He basically eats and sleeps. He has slept through the night, most nights, pretty much since day one – by which I mean, go down at about 11pm, stir a little at 5.30am, be ignored for five minutes by Mummy, then sleep till 7am – long after Daisy, and therefore Kevin, are up. He compensates for this mammoth sleep by feeding every hour till he’s had about three decent feeds, so around 9.30am. Then he sleeps till lunchtime. Then he has another feed, then sleeps all afternoon.

He’s actually at his least settled in the evenings (aren’t they all?), but I’m not convinced that’s not to do with my milk supply still settling down, and the only way to fix that is for him to drink me dry, and whinge for a bit while we wait for some more to magically appear. That’s kind of how breastfeeding works, you can’t short-circuit it. Hopefully it’ll only be for a few days.

So the pattern seems to be that he’s on four hourly feeds, except for when he’s compensating for having slept longer. I don’t mind spending the first three hours of the day feeding him, in exchange for a full night, and an easy day. The rest of the day is an exercise in lifting a sleeping baby in and out of his sling, his car seat, and his bed.

In short, I’m waiting for it all to end. He’ll be two weeks old, tomorrow – surely the sleeping is about to wear off, and be replaced by some shouting?