Which service do you require ?

It’s raining a bit down south* and apparently they’ve called in the army. How exactly do you go about calling in the Army? Is it 999 and ask for Army, or is there a special number.

*south of Crewe anyway. ?

4 thoughts on “Which service do you require ?

  1. the “bit of rain down south” is making it extremely difficult for us to come home to Liverpool today! I hope I get to see the Army, maybe they carry us on their shoulders across the flooded area…

  2. The rain is causing ‘havoc’ here too. Daisy’s trampoline is a bit wet, and it’s going to take a while to dry off.

  3. Hang on – didn’t I see you walking up Queens Drive two days ago? Have you been home and gone away again, without saying hello? Or was a bizarre Kirsten-doppelg?nger, yards from your parents’ house?

  4. Haha a Kirsten -doppelgaenger, i like it! I indeed came home on Wednesday for a orchestra rehearsal, went back to Bath Thursday, had dinner with some lovely folk from church Friday, then Saturday Matt and I both came up for the weekend and the orchestra concert.

    And i’ve discovered buying train tickets 2 weeks in advance doesn’t seem to give you any kind of discount! Shocking!

    Hope daisy’s trampoline is nice and dry now! :op x x x x

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