It’s amazing how quick you can get into a routine, and how completely disruptive it can be when it changes.

For the last 5 days henry has fallen into a rather nice pattern, which really is sleeping all night, which is fantastic, except when it doesn’t work, Last night Henry didn’t go off to sleep until 2am he woke at 6 messed about for an hour and then slept for a little while longer. Now I now most people with a three week old baby would die for this, but when you are expecting sleeping though it’s a killer. Mainly because Daisy still gets up at 6am no matter what, and you don’t go around sleeping in the evening anticipating the bad night, because he’s gotten a routine.

today we have been completely wasted. The family managed dressed at around one in the afternoon, after spending the morning trying to convince Daisy that I wasn’t a bed, and needed to sleep on the couch. Most of the afternoon was spent being grumpy with each other, and now we are just slouched around the house trying to recover.