Henry is 1 (month)

Henry was one month old yesterday, so i thought we should have an update on how he is doing,

HenryAs you may know, Henry sleeps through, and in fact we are now on 3 nights in a row where he’s gone straight down after milk and hasn’t needed any picking up and pacing to settle him down. He’s a super sleeper all round really. He spent most of Sunday a sleep, so much so that the rest of us where climbing the walls at 11am waiting to go out, when he finally got up.

dsc03063.JPGHe does feed pretty much constantly during the evening, which is quite tiring for all involved, although last night he did some sitting (while being held he’s not super baby) and looking around, which in the evening is quite welcome break.

Despite the initial flurry of pictures we probably don’t have as many now as we did of daisy at this stage, but that’s because now we are hippy baby wearers, Henry spends a lot of his time tied to either Ruth’s or my front. It’s a cool way to carry him and he loves it to, most of the time he will kick up a fuss for the first 20 seconds and then snuggle in and drift of to sleep. the thing that has supprised me is how he seems to manage his temperature really well. We went out on Sunday for a walk and it was quite hot, but being strapped to my front he was actually cooler than he was in his car seat.

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