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thank you everyone for your concerned phone call, when the web site went missing for a few days. It wasn’t anything disastrous, we simply where moving the site to a diffrent company. after the year of grief we had with compila – which was summed up with the fact that the site actually went 8 days over the year and they never bothered to tell me, or ask for money.

It took time because I had to make sure we didn’t loose emails during the move; we now have around 20 odd people with email addresses (do you want one? – email me), and I didn’t want to just turn them all off this coupled with the fact that the site actually moved twice made it take a while.

For those who care about these things: the site is now hosted on easyspace, who are nice an cheep and give us MySQL which we need for the blog. but the domain name is registered with 1 and 1 who are fantastic but more expensive if you want MySQL. we did this because the downside with easyspace is that they charge a ?15 ‘administration fee’ should you choose to move your domain away from them, so having the domain registered with 1and1 (for ?1.99 a year) and just pointing it to easyspace means that if we want to move it we just change settings there and it doesn’t cost us the easyspace fee.

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  1. Oh yes! (Nodding with the slightly glazed expression in the eyes used whenever I haven’t got a clue what someone is on about)


  2. who are all these people with
    are the jumps trying to take over the world – or at least the internet?

  3. Are you sure you weren’t conducting a social experiment with us to see how long it took us to make contact?! Raising demand by creating a temporary market shortage of Jump info…

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