By George, I think she’s got it…

Cadbury?s Dairy MilkIt’s taken almost exactly a month, but we’ve had four clear accident-free days, and I do believe she’s got it. I even dropped the star-chart today, with no noticeable effect.

It seemed to be the star-chart that made all the difference. One day of “enough stars leads to chocolate” (and enough was only two, on the first day), and she suddenly attached a new sense of value to the process! I’m still carrying a spare set of clothes around, but only one, and it’s been the same set for several days, now. I was a bit worried on Saturday, when I introduced sad faces to the star chart – we had plateaued at one accident every day, so I shifted the focus in a bid to get rid of it. I wasn’t sure that it wouldn’t turn out to be a mistake to punish the failure (even if it’s only with a sad face, and the consequent loss of chocolate), where we had previously been rewarding success, but I tried not to over-play it, and as before, it only took one day of chocolate deprivation to get her into gear.

So, the advice to anyone embarking on potty training for the first time is: bribe with chocolate, it works a charm. And keep lots of spare clothes around.