block up the letter box?

Pile of MailNo the postal strike is over, should start getting post any day now. not that we’ve missed it. It took a few days before we noticed, but it’s surprising just how quickly you learn to live without post – and just how the world doesn’t end.

We bank on line, all our bills are direct debits and if people want to tell us something they phone or email. So it’s not like we need mail. our blue bag/black box (for we live in one of the ‘strange’ areas of Liverpool with odd colored recycling) is still full, mainly of pizza leaflets, it’s just not overflowing as usual.

In fact thinking about it I don’t want the mail to start up again, can we just block up our letter box?

Update: We’ve just gotten our first piece of mail in weeks – one letter, from SKY trying to sell us more TV and telephone lines.