Big plans

It’s still quite early on Saturday morning, and Daisy has planned the whole day.

We are currently getting dressed so we can be among the first to go to the ‘soft play area‘ because I’ve never been before apparently. then Daisy thinks we should go the museum, and then the park.

It’s very sweet that she is trying to fit all this in because it’s a Saturday and ‘Daddy doesn’t go to work on a Saturday’.

She is trying to introduce me to all the parts of her life i don’t get to see because of work (although the park isn’t one of them). following on from yesterday where I had a one hour meeting in maidenhead (4 hour return journey!) – which meant I missed almost all of Daisy’s day, it has made me feel a little bad.

It’s a sure sign that I need a holiday – which is just what we are planning to do near the end of next month. I’m just not sure Daisy can wait