toys, lots of toys

It was one of those perfect storm moments on Monday: all of the toys we ordered from the internet arrived at once, so within the space of two hours Ruth had taken delivery of a nice shiny laptop, a wireless router (so she didn’t have to sit upstairs), and our new Henry hoover. Prizes for guessing which got opened first?

Well, it was the Henry!

Mainly because Daisy was excited by the big box, and also because Ruth didn’t want to open the shiny new laptop only for fingerprints to appear instantly all over the screen.

henrygover.jpgI’ve played with the Henry and it’s nice. We’ve had a history of buying duff hoovers; the bagless VAX was just the worst thing we’ve bought in a long time – it was too powerful! Every time your turned it on, the tube contracted, and you had to fight with it to get the floor clear. The beater bar thing had two settings: whizz in the air and have no effect, or eat the carpet, which, if it did too fast, would blow the fuse in the plug.

The Henry? It’s quiet, and hoovers floors. We did the all-the-cleaners-have-them-they-must-be-good, and then realized that places cleaners use them don’t have big, thick carpets, so that was the first test. But it’s actually fine. I am going to have to adjust my technique – years of bad hoovers has me slamming the thing through the floor, which I don’t think I need to do.

ruthslaptop.jpgThe laptop is fab – it’s amazing what you can get for ?450. It’s got 15 and a bit inches of screen, 2 gigglybits of memory and one of those processors with two things in it. And it’s got Vista – we’ve been hanging back from going Vista. It’s nice, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to put it on my pooter. Except that now, Ruth has a shiny pooter and mine is looking, well, rather boxy. Still, my shiny tablet PC is on order from work!

So which one of these toys is going to enhance our life the most? That is a hard question. No doubt our floors really need a clean, and Ruth having a laptop is cool, and being able to use it downstairs is also fab, but we mustn’t forget the hidden coolness: the Nintendo Wii is now on the t’internet!

And yes we know we’ve gotten a vacuum cleaner with the same name as our child. Hopefully when he’s older he will think it’s his responsibility to use it.

3 thoughts on “toys, lots of toys

  1. Henry’s are fab! We have two – the red one for downstairs and a smaller, yellow one (which we got from freecycle) for upstairs. You don’t have to use bags in them, btw, which is very handy. There’s a toy Henry making its way from Amazon for a certain 2yo too 🙂

    What’s the difference between the standard red Henry and the Micro version?

    Vista, otoh…it took me about three minutes to decide I did *not* like Vista when I got my new laptop a few months ago. It’s similar specs to yours, but Toshiba, not Dell. Got a good deal, and a cashback offer, so it cost ?350 in the end 🙂

    Enjoy your new toys! 🙂

  2. the difference between the Standard and Micro Henry… about 4 weeks on amazon.

    apparently one has a 3 way filter the other 4 (micro filter very confusing, i took ages confirming it wasn’t smaller). but we got it because of the wait on delivery.

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