Education going on at home

I’m glowing a little, today, with the glow of being a good mum. I mean, Daisy still watches too much telly, and my solution to that invariably means changing the channel rather than actually turning it off, but I like to think of it as one weakness in my otherwise excellent parenting.

Yesterday, there was paint. I’m always especially proud when there’s paint, but there was particularly faffy paint, yesterday, inspired by Doodle Do (yes, I know, but at least we watched telly, and allowed it to lead us into a non-telly activity). So, following the lead of Dib-Dab, Scribble and Stick, we made bubble painting picture frames. Incidentally, to do so, we had to go out and buy straws, so she even got some exercise. Daisy only sucked on the straw once, though she was pretty upset at the blue-paint-with-Fairy mixture that ended up in her mouth. She didn’t do it twice, though! And, since they’d stuck a photo in the middle of the painting and called it a picture frame on the show, we did that, too. “Who do you think the photo should be of, Daisy?” I asked. “Henry,” she said, without hesitation, so I printed three photos of Henry, and we glued them to middle of three large bubble paintings, and I’m actually rather pleased with the result, and little miffed at her natural inclination to destroy everything she creates, given half a chance.

Today, too, has been rather positive on the educating front, considering we’re all ill, and the telly hasn’t really been off. This morning we went to Musical Minis, which is music and rhythm, a story (English, surely?) and all manner of social interaction (“Daisy, give that drum back to that baby!”), to say nothing of a certain amount of exercise, though I admit to driving there, today, because of feeling ill.

Unexpectedly, when we got back, Kevin was home, having gone to work and changed his mind when he got there. I’ve done that. You think you’re OK when you leave the house, but the commute is the most exhausting bit of the day, and by the time you actually get to the office, you’d sell your desk for a duvet and a quiet corner to sleep in. He spent the afternoon in bed, and Daisy and I got the laptop out.

One of the advantages of the new laptop, is that I’m doing more computer work with Daisy when Henry’s asleep. I’m generally against Daisy going upstairs when Henry’s asleep, but using the computer when he’s awake is a bit tricky in its own way, as I’m sure you can imagine. The other advantage is that Daisy finds using the mousepad easier than a traditional mouse, and she has come on leaps and bounds, today, in terms of controlling the mouse. We played lots of Tweenies mouse control games, and a few Charlie and Lola ones for good measure, and I really felt like I was seeing progress, and giving her real ICT skills. Then we printed some Postman Pat stationery, and she wrote a letter to her grandmother, made an envelope, stuck a stamp on it, and took it to the letter box with a huge sense of pride. I can remember letter-writing as educational activity, though admittedly, that would be when I could actually write words, rather than rows of circles.

So, all in all, boding well for the home ed, today. And this when she’s only three – imagine how great I’ll be when she’s actually of school age!