It’s just what I always said

I’ve always reckoned that Daisy and I didn’t need a toddler group every day of the week. Some people seem to need that. In the last few months, I’ve become aware that Daisy needed something new to do – Musical Minis by itself wasn’t really enough, any more, and so we’ve recently started going to Sticky Fingers, for variety. However, with one thing and another, we seem to have had a frantically busy week, and today it’s been a relief to spend an entire afternoon at home.

It’s not all been Organised Activity. We’ve been to the dentist, and a birthday party, amongst other things. However, with the implementation of my new No Telly Between 10am and 5pm rule, and Henry deciding to sleep for a solid three hours this afternoon, Daisy and I were left to have a very lovely time. No background noise, no distractions, just rather a lot of glue and glitter.

Turning the telly off is starting to look like a really significant decision. I have as many good intentions as the next person, but we’d slipped and slipped until it was on all day every day, again. This week, she’s been playing properly again – by herself, as well as with me – and having to think of things to do, which is much better for her. And today, we’ve both really benefitted from winding down a little, and being able to relax.

Next week, we’re going to the Lakes, so there’s been a bit of a party atmosphere around here, since Kevin came home. I do hope it’s nice. Going away with the kids can go either way, really – either it’s great to spend some time together, or it’s not much of a holiday, because you’re doing all the same things as you have to do at home. I’ll let you know which way it goes…

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