A wendy house

I’m a bit blog-prolific, this week, aren’t I?

Photo of a canal boat
See? Idyllic pace of life,
immaculately well-organised living
space, and no room for anything
that?s not totally necessary?

Some days, I drive past developments of two bedroomed apartments in the city centre, and desperately want one. Especially the sort that are converted Victorian warehouses, by the river. I’ve always been this way. Tiny cottages in picturesque village locations also draw me, as do canal boats, and I’ve only just worked out what the appeal is.

I want to run away from my stuff.

I want to maintain my four bedroomed house full of things I don’t quite want to throw away, but actually live in tidiness and minimalist simplicity somewhere else. It’s not that I’m seeking to leave my husband and/or children behind. It’s just all the toys and computers and bits and bobs that I’d rather not look at all day. So I’d sit in peacefully uncluttered serenity, but come home whenever I wanted something.

I really need to address my lifestyle, don’t I?

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