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Apparently there’s some form of cultural thing going on in Liverpool this year, so we decided today (it being the first day of the year and all) to go and absorb some culture, as a way of getting ahead of the game. Maybe if we do loads of cultural stuff dead quick we can slob about for the rest of the year and not feel guilty.

sleeper_sm.jpgToday we did the Turner Prize Exhibition which is being held outside London for the first time. Now the Turner prize isn’t really to everyone’s taste and this years exhibition hasn’t really be well received even by those who claim to know more about it than me. but we are an open minded lot so we went to see it.

Now that there are four of us, getting somewhere is as much of an event as what ever we are going to see; especially when we choose to go by public transport. today we got the train into town and walked down to the Albert Dock.

Daisy loves trains, although she is still going through her ‘to loud’ phase and spent most of the journey with her fingers in her ears, Henry is completely unfazed by it all and had his lunch on the way there and just looked out the window at his reflection all the way back.

The Tate

Now I said we we’re open minded, but i think it’s only fair to tell you that I do find most modern art trash. but we are cultural don’t you know – so we tried.

There are your standard strange bits (twigs with what look like flames made from leather), pointless video bits (like the bear in a museum in Berlin), odd photographs and even the occasional good bit (the holes in the wall with lights and mirrors is … well interesting.

The best bit of the exhibition is actually the comments room, cafe_installation.jpgwhere you get to write what you think on a card and stick it on the wall – obviously people don’t hold back, my favorite was

“I will never like bears again”

As for the rest of the Tate; Well Daisy liked the Wavy pictures, and the ones with Dots, she took a strange fancy to a fluorescent tube through a mattresses, but at the end of the day when we asked her what the best bit of the Gallery was she said “the caf?”.

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