Google scare me..

<nerd alert>?
like any self respecting geek, I don’t actually surf the Internet for most of the information i get in the day, I use an RSS* reader, this brings most of the sites i look at to me. It’s much easier, and it allows me to filter information real quick.

No matter your level of technical competence, if you use the Internet for more than facebook?I recommend you use an RSS reader** it really will save you valuable time, and free you up to get more games of Scrabulous under your belt.

Anyway, I use Google Reader for all of this which is cool – puts everything in one place and keeps things across multiple computers, which is what i need. Today I noticed a new button Discover, it turns out this goes off and recommends me sites that i might be interested in.

“Cool, and how does it do this?”

“It takes into account the feeds you’re already subscribed to, as well as information from your Web History

Still cool, but quite scarry.

*RSS stands for really simple syndication and is just a file with all the updates from a website in it. you use an RSS reader to read the file, and keep track of what you’ve read, it’s a bit like an inbox for websites.

** i use google reader, Ruth uses RSS Bandit, there are many more. but either of these is cool. I use google because i use it on?multiple machines (home and work)
</nerd alert>