More paintings (but you can tell what these are)

I’m not 100% sure the culture year has started properly yet, the opening weekend is next week with a big open air thing and something at the arena, but I’m going full steam ahead – if i do all my cultural stuff in the first two weeks i can float about for the rest of the year and not feel like I wasted it.

Joseph Wright of Derby - Light paintingsThis week I visited the Walker Art Gallery, basically because it was cold, and i didn’t feel like going straight back to the office. The current special exhibition is Joseph Wright of Derby, who did portraits and specialized in light paintings (paintings where the light source was different for example a candle).

The quality on the paitings?is fantastic especially when you read that he was knocking out the portraits at around one every nine days. It’s a stark contrast to the?art in the Turner, which ‘look’ like it took about 5 minutes to do.

cityscape.jpgheavy theory alert! I thought about it a bit, and i think it’s a reflection on how society has become much more about thought then action, back in 1760 the actual act of painting was the thing that people admired, the quality of the brush stokes, now it’s the quality of the thought, so a stick stuck in a pie is a prize winner, if you have thought about it lots first.

Still, there is a place for proper pictures in today’s world. a picture?I am really looking forward to seeing is the Liverpool City Scape by Ben Johnson. it’s a huge but amazingly detailed picture of liverpool’s skyline. you can see the work in progress from these photos.