but it’s the banks stupid!

no doubt you’ve seen, heared or read that Jeremy Clarkson is a fool. In a not to Idle boast he said the whole data loss thing was a storm in a tea cup and to prove it printed his bank account numbers in the paper. saying the worst you could do is put money into his account. Now someone it turns out did the opposite an took money out and gave it to charity.

The media reaction to this has been pretty predictable, Jeremy Clarkson is stupid, it’s his own stupid fault for making these details public; but i think we need to look at the other side of this.

Why do people never question the banks? the sad reality is it takes a stunningly small amount of information to take money out of an account, all you need know is basic account details and a persons address. Account numbers and addresses aren’t secrets, just stop and think. how many people do you pass your bank details to on a weekly basis? remember that every time you switch something you passing your account details around, and just how hard do you think it is for someone to find out your address?

The problem is two fold really: One the government and other companies have got to stop being so cavalier with our information, and two the banks have really got to make sure that all ways of accessing our money are behind some sort of security system.